Sunday, 16 February 2014

Knitting and handmade yarns

Since I learnt to crochet, I haven't done any knitting in years. As soon as I could crochet I decided it was easier, and that I preferred it, which is true but I do still like knitting I just hadn't found any patterns I really wanted to make for a while. I came across a beautiful knitting pattern for mittens on Pinterest, pinned by Purl Bee, the blog by the New York haberdashery, Purl Soho. The blog has so many free patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing and more, its really worth a look. I must visit the shop one day, the yarns they sell are gorgeous. Anyway, this got me looking at their knitting board and falling in love with so many of the scarves and a few more mittens. I really don't need anymore scarves but they are so hard to resist! I particularly liked a scarf pattern knitted in seed stitch which is very simple and has a wonderful texture. Its an extra wide scarf, there's 99 stitches a row, and its knitted in 9 blocks of different colours. I plan to use three pinks, then three greys and then three soft blues, all going from light to dark. So I've been encouraged to pick up my needles again, which isn't a bad thing at all, especially when there's no shaping involved!

For uni, its all about texture at the moment, so I've been making short lengths of textured yarns. We are moving onto knit and weave next and they want us to work with unusual textures. We had to make twelve in total, you can see a few laid out below and the others are pinned up in my desk space with a few textured rubbings and collages made from the rubbings.

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