Sunday, 1 April 2012

Visit to London!

Yesterday I went to London and visited Tate Britain and the John Lewis haberdashery and arts and crafts department. Tate Britain was brilliant, we manged to see most of the paintings I think but unfortunately one part of the gallery was closed so I think I'll have to go back sometime! The John Lewis haberdashery and arts and crafts department was amazing as well, it was so big and had so many different products.

 I bought these two books from Tate Britain.
< This book contains lots of small and unusual exercises that encourage you to be messy and delight in mistakes! I'm hoping that I will discover new techniques that I can introduce into my artwork.

This book showcases
many different designers of prints and patterns, it is very colourful and a great source of inspiration. >

I bought these postcards of my favourite paintings in the gallery, I'm going to display them on my wall next to other postcards with artwork on that I have collected from other art galleries.

From John Lewis I bought these three Swarkoski crystal heart beads.

I also bought this Tilda paper pack, the designs are all so beautiful. This paper pack also includes letters and borders that you can cut out.

I absolutely love Tilda products so I also bought some sheets of paper with angel designs on that you can cut out.

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